by Meagan Henry


these images are giving me all the feels. Éclosion by Guido Mocafico from the November issue of Numéro is a series of delicate roses covered in . . . something really silky . . . and the series has me feeling ample amounts safety and softness inside.

_ I feel compelled to let you know that I’ve been going very, very hard on the kraut lately — specifically, kraut on homemade bread. every few days, I make a big batch of purple cabbage kraut to last the next few days, while my partner makes a big loaf of bread. so, I guess that you could say that this is really two delicious penchants rolled into one: sauerkraut and bread. drool.

_ as for another DIY: my dear friends Ryan and Jay have been making this coffee body scrub to end all other coffee body scrubs. I honestly don’t know wtf is in it other than the coffee ground remnants from their daily cold brew, but my skin finds it very, very yum.

Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse has become one of those life-changing, best books ever. please have some faith in that statement and pick it up.

Gabby Lester-Coll strikes again. this piece is an oldie, but always a goodie. re-reading it the other day was a beautiful reminder on me about how freaking intelligent and efficient my body is, without my needing to force it into operating one way or another. wise words, G, wise words. it’s no wonder this thing when viral on Reddit . . .

_ remember my partner that I mentioned makes some highly delicious bread? he also makes highly mood-altering (for the much better) music. I am very grateful to get to listen to his creations on the daily, and if you want a little taste, he’s put together a Sound Cloud of some of the latest.

_ where I live, it may not completely change to autumn (in reference to what it’s more widely experienced as in, like, every other part of the world), I am still dreeeeeaming of cozy cuddly clothes (and hey, the hills of Hamakua get pretty cool at night). this really fulfills those dreams. those sleeves! that wide knit! that hood! that color! I'm done.

the stout version of this, featuring my nighttime ashwagandha brew.

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