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⟡  C O M I N G  J A N U A R Y  1 ,  2 0 1 8  ⟡ 

This e-book is structured as a four-week journey through your intuition  so that you may remember it and manifest your desired reality with clarity and peace.

These pages unfurl the intuitive process which has, quite literally, saved my life. And I am over the moon to finally share it with you.

This process seeks to answer the questions:

- What is intuition?

- What is intuitive living?

- What is inner-alchemy?

- What is manifestation?

All the while, I have sprinkled through a plethora of powerful prompts, or exercises, for you to get deeply in touch with your intuition, and to answer these questions for yourself. I similarly share with you my ultimate tools for aligning your reality with the answers that come through.

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I am so honored to take this journey with you!