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we must work together.

this piece solid 14k rose gold, not plated.

chain: .55 mm / 16 in / 14 karat rose gold

mmm the sweetness of this life! how precious it is to be here. to see, to speak, to feel, to know. to be able to house all of these sentiments and dreams inside of this vessel, just as the honeybee does in it’s cells of honeycomb. SACRED CELLS reminds us of the sweetness held within these vessels, and of the ever-expanding community of similarities and synchronicities around us. we are never alone. we are not the only ones. there is a precious golden nectar within every cell, dripping in light, nourishment, ecstasy. 

SACRED CELLS is our symbol for unified family, spanning different environments and ways of being. she reminds us to work together to create this unified field of drippy sticky love, which lubricates, heals, energizes, unites. we must work together. 

when SACRED CELLS comes to us, she gifts us with self-evaluation — are we presently more concerned with being “right”, or having our own needs met, rather than the needs of our community and the bigger picture? come together. right now. over me.